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Photgallerey Ashkelon

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Information about<br /> AshkelonInformation about


The modern city of Ashkelon is located on the Mediterranean coast in south-western part of Israel. Climate of this area are inherent softness and lack of excessive humidity. Heat, wind-blown from the Negev desert, softened by the sea breeze, with the sea air humidity decreases. Here, summer is not as hot as the desert close at hand, and does not feel stuffy. Rains mainly from November to March, the average annual rainfall - 420 mm.

Location at the crossroads of several trade routes of sea and land not easy to determine the history of the area. For the first time mention of Ashkelon, was found in the ruins of a clay jug, dated 20 century BC. Oe. It is believed that this was an attempt to call to allies of the conquerors black magic to conquer the city. For this it was necessary to write the name of the jar and break the enemy pitcher. The name of the city is mentioned in Egyptian texts of the same time, sounds bibleykom legend of Samson. More than four centuries the city was conquered many times, destroyed and changed not only the hosts, but also the ethnic composition of the population. Archaeologists have discovered during the excavations 16 meters of different cultural layers. None of the conqueror of the Middle East has not passed in their military campaigns of the city.

Ancient Ashkelon was the oldest and largest port in the kingdom of Canaan on the Mediterranean. The city was and commercial center, led the export of grain and wine. Canaanite period lasted from 2000 to 1150 BC. Oe. It was a city with a population of 15 thousand inhabitants, surrounded by walls 15 feet high, 50 - meter-thick length of 2.4 km. From the sea, the townspeople was a natural protection in the form of 30-meter cliff. Preserved arched city gate - the oldest arched vault ever found in the world. The width of urban trees has allowed the invaders to build later on the basis of their capacity, forming a vast semicircle.

From 1150 to 604 BC. Oe. Philistines at Ashkelon lived. In the summer of 604 BC. Oe. Babylonians led by Nebuchadnezzar II took the city by storm, plundered and destroyed, and people carried them away. After that, the city 75 years stood in ruins, and then it was rebuilt and resettled by Phoenicians. The Persians were preparing a base here for a campaign against Egypt. Noted in these places, and Alexander of Macedon.

In the Hellenistic period the city was a significant center of Hellenic culture. It was at this time the Jewish community. In the Roman period the city had a status of "free union of the city. King Herod, who was born in Ashkelon, has built in his hometown of markets, and baths, planted gardens. At this time the city was hostile to Christianity.

In 1099 Jerusalem captured crusaders, and Ashkelon became a refuge for Jews fleeing from Eerusalima. In 1153 the Crusaders after seven months of siege and captured the city. In 1187 the Muslims regained control of the city, but completely destroyed it in 1191, so as not to give the Crusaders a seaport. A year later, Richard the Lionheart had ordered the city to rebuild and settle it. In 1260, the Sultan of Egypt, Kutuzov ordered to destroy the city again because of the possibility of capture by his enemies and create a base for invasion of Muslim Egypt. Since then, the ancient Ashkelon ceased to exist. Until about 1948 the site was occupied Arab town of Al-Majdal, who by this time become a small village. After 1948 the area was annexed by Israel.

The modern city of Ashkelon started a new story from 1955, when two Israeli settlement-Migdal Ashqelon (1951) and Afridar (1950) were merged and acquired the status of the city and its ancient name. The city is divided into several areas: Migdal - city and commercial center, Afridar - an area of ​​luxurious villas and hotels near the beach, Atikot - mostly populated by immigrants. Two new residential areas - Samson and fashionable Barnea continue to be built along the sea. The city's population statistics in 2009 was nearly 112 000 people. About a third of residents - immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

The city is developing the sphere of trade, services, recreation. City Administration has made great efforts to attract foreign tourists. To do this, built and continue to build new hotels, places of entertainment, creating the infrastructure. Beaches of fine quality with lagoons stretched for 10 kilometers. These man-made lagoon. Protective breakwaters are designed so that gradually deposit a wave of sand and separated from the sea three scenic lagoons near the coast. The tourist zone of the city stretches for 12 km along the coast. Near the town is the National Park, where visitors can explore archaeological sites. Ashkelon gradually transformed into a resort town and tourist center not only of Israel but also of international significance.

The city awarded the national status of "city development". This allows residents to receive benefits for a loan to purchase housing. This status was reflected in the development of the industry. The industrial zone is divided into two parts. In the southern part of the sea running in Israel's largest power station on coal. Fuel are transported by sea and unloaded at a separate dock, rendered in the sea. Polluting emissions do not affect the air of the city, as tall chimneys more than two hundred meters reach the layer where the winds blow from the sea, standing to the side of the desert. On the eastern outskirts of the city rasplozhena industrial zone. There are three dozen plants, most of whom work on modern technologies and a hundred small and medium enterprises. In Ashkelon, built the world's largest desalination plant, which uses the innovative technology of reverse osmosis. Decided to build an industrial park, where settle down enterprises introducing high technology.

Train and bus service connects the city with other cities in Israel and the airport of Tel Aviv Ben-Gurion.

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Weather in Ashkelon
The city of Ashkelon is also located on the Mediterranean coast, but the weather here is not the same as in Tel Aviv. Very close proximity to the wilderness dramatically affected by weather situation in the city. So winter is relatively cold and summers are very hot.

Ashkelon: Landmarks and Historic SitesAshkelon: Landmarks and Historic Sites

Port city of Ashkelon.
Historically, Ashkelon - an ancient port city of the Canaanite people, and culturally - is the center of the Hellenic cultural tradition. Today the city has become a prime resort town. Ashkelon is located on the Mediterranean coast. A large part of the ancient monuments of the city is concentrated in the national park. Ashkelon offers to tourists the ruins of Herod's ancient colonnades, the ruins of ancient synagogues, a Roman alley, the famous amphitheater, the "wall of crusaders" and several different ancient buildings. Coastal cliff beach Afridar hides a cave where the tombs of four members of a rich Roman family. In Ashkelon and on top of the cliff are the ruins of a Byzantine church, relating to the V-VI centuries and the ruins of an apartment house, where well-preserved mosaic pattern on the floor. The city boasts excellent beaches. Along the entire line of luxury in the sun poured sand.

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