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Information about<br /> HaifaInformation about


The city of Haifa is the third largest city in Israel. It is located on Mount Caramel and at its foot, on the Mediterranean coast. His name was the word "seize", which means "shelter." Haifa harbor covers Mount Caramel to the south and east, and west winds from winter storms and protects the bay spur. If we take into account the fact that the ancient port of Haifa was a small settlement, then the translation of "safe haven harbor" completely justified.

The city's population of 269 000. Most residents have a college education and are employed in industries. Young people under 18 years is 39% of the population, pensioners - 22%.

The city was founded in the era of Rome. In V-III centuries BC There was a kind of Jewish settlement. Later (in the eleventh century) - it is a large town and important Mediterranean port. At the end of the XIX century Haifa became the largest port city. This is a kind of sea gates of Palestine. In the twentieth century the city became a center of illegal immigration.

Like any large settlement, Haifa is divided into several areas. Business and office center are the Lower Town and the port. It is the oldest district of the city. Trade area of ​​the metropolis and its average part - Hadar Ha-Carmel. On the summits of Mount Caramel hotels are located, prestigious residential areas, as well as entertainment centers and shopping malls. In addition to these core areas, there are the following:

- Bat Galim (in this area is world-famous clinic to them. Rambam);

- Neve Shahan;

- German Colony (the area is distinguished by the special construction, they were built by the Germans, Christians (the Templars);

- Kababir (here live the Muslim Arabs of the sect ahmeditov);

- Ahuza;

- Romema;

- Deniya, where the prestigious mansions;

- Ramot Remez;

Ramot Sapir;

- Kiryat Eliezer;

- Hof Shemen, which is the industrial zone of the city;

- Khalis;

- Kiryat Shprintsak.

Port, which is considered the largest in Israel, and beach area - all this is the coastal strip. The length of the city's beaches is about five miles, the beaches round the clock at any time of year.

In Haifa, along with the port, there is a large enough network of railways. And the port and railways were the fact that in the city was rapidly developing industries (shipbuilding, metalworking).

Now Haifa - the biggest center in the Middle East, where a large number of textile and food processing, cement, chemical, metallurgical plants. As well as a refinery, which was built in 1939. Here, for the first time in the Middle East, was built power plant, which has a steam generator. Shipbuilding plant produces fishing and small craft. In the factories of the city has dozens of thousands of local people. In recent years, rapidly developing field of electronics and software. There are branches of international firms such as Intel, Elron, Microsoft. In Israel, this metropolis is a city-worker, here on Saturday is open all public transport and many facilities.

Pride not only in Haifa, but Israel is considered Polytechnic Institute "Technion" diplomas are known throughout the world. Also in the city has a university and several colleges, the most famous of which are college "WIZO-Canada" and the teacher training college, "Gordon."

The city has three hospitals, "Rothschild," "Caramel", "Rambab" has its own theater and symphony orchestra, several museums, including the most popular - Art Museum and National Maritime Museum. Once a year in Haifa International Film Festival documentary and feature films, called "Summer of Israeli films in Adare." All movies are translated into Russian.

Each city district has its own attractions. The first and important point, which is of interest is Mount Caramel, where, according to biblical tales, the prophet Elijah lived. She is considered the birthplace of the Order of Carmelites. On the mountain, in addition to urban areas and a large number of parks and gardens, located viewing platforms. Also, the mountain is famous monasteries. This Catholic Carmelite Monastery of the 18th century, and most of the synagogue, and the cave of Elijah the prophet, and the Bahai Temple. This temple is decorated with a golden dome, it is located in the "Persian Gardens", where is located the tomb of those who founded this religious group - Al-Baha. This temple - the center Bahai religion. Caramel on the Cape are excavations of Tell Shikmon. Are of interest Carmelite Monastery Stella Maris (translated means - Star of the seas), the Museum of Science and Technology, the German Colony area (in translation - the German colony), the village Daliyat al-Carmel and Isfiya located in the suburbs, Gunn and Em (in translation - Mother's Garden), where there is a Museum of the Ancient World and the zoo. Worth a look, and such museums as the Museum of the artist Joseph Mane-Katz Museum in Haifa city, the Museum of illegal immigration, the National Maritime Museum, Music Museum, "Tikotin" - museum of Japanese folk art, where there is a real "rock garden", respectively, made in Japanese style. Worthy of attention and the "Sculpture Garden", situated in the area Kababir, Zionism, on the boulevard, where you can communicate with the followers of the Muslim Ahmadis. The city owns the largest and most beautiful park in Israel. This reserve Ha-Carmel. 25 km. from the metropolis, there is one great place - a memorial park, which surrounds the tomb of Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

Haifa - the first and only city in Israel, where there is underground. This is an underground funicular, which is called "Carmelit." There is here and the airport, through which local and international flights.

The main national makeup of the city - Jews, Arabs also live, Russian, Druze, etc. Despite the fact that the city is inhabited by representatives of different faiths (Jews, Muslims and Christians, and Druze), its atmosphere is friendly and tolerant.

Map of  HaifaMap of

Distances to other cities from Haifa Distances to other cities from

The climate in the area of Haifa The climate in the area of

Weather in Haifa
The city is located in the north, on the shores of the Mediterranean. These features attach to the local climate peculiar effect: the winters here are quite cold and in summer is dominated by heat and high humidity.
Climatic data of Haifa

Haifa: Landmarks and Historic SitesHaifa: Landmarks and Historic Sites


Haifa - a city third-largest, located in northern Israel on the shore of the bay of Acre to the slopes of Mount Caramel. It is a major seaport of the country. For quite a long period the city was only a constituent part of the bay, but then he took a leading role, becoming the central sea gate and the junction of railways. Differences in Haifa from other cities rather sharp. This is where the swing of business life, have a strong effect traditions of Europe and more gently impersonating the norms of Judaism. Only in Haifa, public transport and many entertainment options only work on Saturdays.
Main place of the city - the biblical Mount Caramel, where Elijah the prophet lived. Gore is considered the birthplace of the Order of Carmelites.
To date, located on the mountain areas of the city, and there are lots of parks and gardens, among which is an observation deck and all the famous monasteries. Among them: the Catholic Church of the Order of Carmelites, the cave of Elijah the prophet, the Great Synagogue, located on the outside of Herzl and the Baha'i church with famous Persian gardens and the tomb of El-Baha, the founder of this religious tendency.
At the Cape, "Caramel" can be carried out archaeological excavations of Tel Shikmona. Besides the big interest are: the building of Stella Maris, the old Technion, a picturesque district Colony, Germany, Gunn, and Em (the "Garden of the mother") with the Museum of Ancient History and the zoo, located in its territory, and the Druze villages Isfiya Daliyat el Caramel, a large number of museums dedicated to the artist's work Meni Katz, Illegal Immigration, the sea, music, Japanese folk art and much more.
One of the largest and most beautiful parks in the country is considered to preserve Ha-Carmel. In the north ridge of Caramel is a wonderful park on the beauty that surrounds the tomb of Baron Rothschild and his wife.

The outskirts of Haifa
A small seaside town called Atlit is twenty miles south of the seaside road, if we go by bus or by train from Haifa. Atlit famous for its museum of emigration and the Crusader Castle.
At the moment it is impossible to get into the castle. The fact is that over time a significant part of the coast of Atlit captures Navy base. Emigration Museum is dedicated to Jewish refugees from Europe, which was occupied by the Nazis. Most of the refugees were detained for several years and they had to be held in labor camps or were deported to the island of Cyprus to Greece. Detachments of the Jewish resistance "Haganah" and "Etzel" more than once fought with the British army to help the refugees. Until this time one of these camps is preserved in its original form and serves as a museum.
Lohamei-Hagetaot - a kibbutz, located in the Western Galilee, almost on the seashore, 30 km from Haifa. Name of the settlement can be translated as "Soldiers of the ghetto." In 1948 he founded the kibbutz former guerrillas and the surviving members of revolt in the Warsaw Jewish ghetto in 1944. In the kibbutz has a museum and memorial are devoted to memory of victims of Nazi genocide. In addition Ottoman aqueduct crosses the kibbutz, which provides water to the city of Acco XVI-XVIII centuries and perfectly preserved to this day.
Yehiam interest is located 55 kilometers from Haifa. This is a great crusader castle, located in Kibbutz Yehiam in the Western Galilee. Rosh Hanikra, located 34 km from Haifa - tourist attraction, well-known in Israel. It is an extensive network of caves, located in the chalk cliff above the sea, as well as the cable car and w / e tunnel through which the train went from Egypt to Turkey. War of 1948 destroyed all the bridges and w / d fabric, which has still not recovered. Quite symbolically looks walled tunnel wall.
The complex contains Mearot Caramel caves of ancient people, parking and a small museum, and also praised delightful scenery.
20 km south of Haifa on one of the tops of the Caramel mountain range, at 485-meter height above sea level is the monastery of Deir Muhraka. The monastery was built there, where according to biblical tradition, Elijah the prophet was able to confront the prophets of Baal. Near the entrance to the monastery you can see a sculpture that represents the scene of combat. If you go to the 2nd floor observation deck, open your mind a superb panorama of mountains and valleys Israelskoy Galilee. Quite clearly you can see from this Nazareth, and most importantly domes of its churches.
One can not but be interested in Beth Shearimom, located 10 km southeast of Haifa near the town of Kiryat Tivon,. It represents the ruins of the ancient city, which in the Roman period was pivotal reference point of Jewish rebels led by Bar Kokhba.
Subsequently, the town lost its strategic significance. Thus, there remain to this day 26 tombs, the tomb became urban elite in those remote times. Crypts are combined with each other using the original tunnels and passages, forming a similarity with the city of the dead.
Enough is known Sakhno Reserve, located near Kibbutz Nir David. Most tourists come here to see the ancient baths, hot springs, waterfalls, fauna, lakes and much more.
In turn, a complex of villas and guest houses provide an opportunity to relax. Ironically, at the foot of Mount Gilboa can even go fishing!

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