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Herzliya Pituach

Photgallerey Herzliya Pituach

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Information about<br /> Herzliya PituachInformation about
Herzliya Pituach

Herzliya Pituach

Herzliya - Israel's resort town, located between Netanya and Tel Aviv, in the south Sharonskoy Valley, a 10-minute drive from Tel Aviv.

The city was founded in 1924 by seven American Jews. This is indicated by the seven stars reflected on the arms of the city. The city's name was given in honor of the founder of Zionism Theodor Herzl. Population - about 90 thousand people., Almost half of them - came from the former Soviet Union, Western Europe, North Africa and the USA. The area of ​​24 thousand square meters. km. Part of the inner ring metropolitan area of ​​Gush Dan. The city has a small airport for private planes and marina.

History of the city.

Since the beginning of our era and to the XIII century to the modern city located Apollonius a Greek city that existed about 1,000 years before the end of the Byzantine period, and effete in the 7th century with the advent of Islam.

The first inhabitants (Lancet family) came to an abandoned land in 1924 for farming. Should come to other families, and soon the number of settlements reached 500 people. The village stretches in a fertile valley among Sharonskoy lemon and orange groves. Living conditions were extremely difficult - people have lived in the barracks, all of chickenpox malaria. The settlers drained the swamp, build wells and water tower, had running water. In the early 30s, this village became prosperous Moshav with a population of about 5 thousand people.

Later formed industrial towns. After the end of the War of Independence of the future merged with neighboring towns of Herzliya, and this was the beginning of the rapid development of the settlement.

In 1930 he opened the first school.

In 1960, the population of close to 26 thousand, and Herzliya receives city status.

After the State of Israel on the Mediterranean coast is actively developing tourism. Today Herzliya - a renowned international tourist destination.


The city is rich in historical value - a mosaic floor of the church of VI century, the ruins Mahmisha (ancient Canaanite settlement and Hellenistic periods). And in the northern part of town tourists will see the ruins of the port and Arsura (or Arsuf) - a fortified city, built by the Crusaders. It is famous for the victory of Richard the Lionheart of Sultan Salah ad-Din September 7, 1191. And in 1265 Arsuf was invaded and destroyed the Egyptian Sultan Baybars. Even today you can see the sea from the dumped towers and walls.

Another interesting attraction - Sydney mosque, Ali, built by the Mamluks to the south of Apollonius in memory of soldiers who died in 1191 in the battle against the Crusaders. She is known for the black stone - "lie detector". A man with a blindfold to get up to 10 meters, then move to the stone, arms outstretched. If he touches the stone, then what he said earlier - is true.

Modern sights - a museum of Art and the Museum of "illegal" the repatriation, the memorial to the soldiers who fell in battles for the defense of Israel.

Herzliya Pituah.

The city is divided into two parts - namely Herzliya Herzliya Pituah and - the most prestigious and expensive area of ​​Israel. Here in 1965, was established garden and park area, contributed the new district.

This is the western part of the city, loved by many foreign diplomats and millionaires. Formed a "town of millionaires" by the sea - "Silicon Valley" with the richest highly profitable high-tech enterprises, huge skyscrapers, many private villas, recreational areas, beaches and yacht clubs.

Visitor Centre.

Elite prestigious resort of Israel will not leave indifferent any guest of the city, as a businessman and tourist. Business Card City - the yacht club, sandy beaches, luxurious villas, tennis courts and restaurants, famous for culinary delights. Gourmets will be interesting to Jerusalem roast, cooked chicken four species, sour-sweet meat, fish and meat forshmak, pate and meatballs with a variety of seasonings and more.

Residents of Tel Aviv prefer to spend the weekend. No wonder the Herzliya otherwise referred to as "rich sister in Tel Aviv."

The city offers a wide range of sporting and cultural events. This is a tour of the exhibition halls of the Museum of Art, the Palace of Arts presentation of local and touring theater and sporting events company "Bnei Herzliya" in football, basketball, gymnastics, tennis and swimming.

The mild and pleasant climate of Israel real estate becomes more interesting for the Russian and global business - the elite in terms of good investment. Accommodation in Herzliya - a high quality and expensive. Represented by a set of luxury villas and luxury private homes. At the same time in the city center you can see the floor and 2-3 "low cost" home.


The city operates many high-tech companies. Among them - the company Scitex Digital Printing, and one of the centers of MOTOROLA, developed the first mobile phone. Thanks to the city acquired the status of the financial center (the second largest financial city in Israel).

The scope of the industrial zone of Herzliya - high-tech manufacturing, information technology, textile, aluminum, and food industries. Current production is export oriented. In recent years the infrastructure of the city has developed due to the considerable financial investment. Industrial area was also landscaped, and the town became an important industrial center of Israel, the base of budget-sector of the country.

Herzliya is famous world-renowned Medical Center who specializes in diseases of the cardio - vascular system, musculoskeletal system, skin, and others. The center is located on the waterfront, including hotels, and among his patients - many foreigners.

Among the famous natives and residents - Israeli singer Efrat Gosh, right-wing extremist Yigal Amir (assassin of Yitzhak Rabin), Leonid Nevzlin - Russian businessman, accused of committing serious crimes and fugitive from justice in Israel.

Map of  Herzliya PituachMap of
Herzliya Pituach

Distances to other cities from Herzliya Pituach Distances to other cities from
Herzliya Pituach

The climate in the area of Herzliya Pituach The climate in the area of
Herzliya Pituach

Weather in Herzliya
Herzliya is located on the Mediterranean coast and is dominant weather characteristic of this band: hot and humid summers and winters not very cold.

Herzliya Pituach: Landmarks and Historic SitesHerzliya Pituach: Landmarks and Historic Sites

Check-elite place in Israel called - Herzliya Pituah, a city that prides itself on its elite resorts, gourmet restaurants, luxury hotels, yachts - the club and its elite comme il faut, which includes most business leaders of Israel and the ambassadors of foreign states. Herzliya Pituah be a 10 minute drive from downtown Israeli cities - Tel Aviv. Luxury villas in any wealth and taste, mild climate Herzliya Pituach
make this city a favorite destination for global business - elite and Russian businessmen, who are more interested in real estate in Israel in which they are increasingly invested big money.
Immediately after the formation of Israel, Israel's coastal areas began to be used for tourism development. Herzliya Pituah most famous center of international tourism and leisure in Israel.

In the industrial zone of Herzliya Pituach are all kinds of mills and factories, whose products are exported all over the world. City officials Herzliya Pituach in recent years invested heavily in infrastructure improvement and Herzliya Pituah and industrial zone of the city, it helps to make Herzliya Pituah very important industrial centers in Israel.

In Herzliya Pituah discovered a mosaic floor of the church of the sixth century. Not far from the city of Herzliya Pituah are erasing Mahmishi ruins of settlement, which existed from the Canaanite in the Hellenistic period. In the northern part of the city Herzliya Pituah are the ruins of the port and the strengthening of the ancient city of crusaders Arsur, pkotory was built on the site of Apollonia and Reshef.
Over the last decade Herzliya Pituah was the 2nd main, the financial city in Israel, Herzliya Pituach are many high tech companies, which are conveniently located in Herzliya Pituach.

Herzliya Pituach you will find a wonderful clean beach, tall skyscrapers, the magnificent waterfront Herzliya Pituah with lots of posh hotels and restaurants, Herzliya Pituah is the most prestigious and elite residential area of ​​Israel. Everyone who will visit Herzliya Pituah find something fascinating and exciting in this city. Herzliya Pituah so-called same "rich sister in Tel Aviv"

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