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Rent apartments

Herzliya Pituach-top estate of Israel!

Herzliya Pituah most expensive real estate in Israel!

Check-elite place in Israel called - Herzliya Pituah, a city that prides itself on its elite resorts, gourmet restaurants,
luxury hotels, yachts - the club and its elite comme il faut, which includes the most prominent businessmen and Israeli ambassadors of foreign states. Herzliya Pituah is a 10 minute drive from downtown Israeli cities - Tel Aviv. Luxurious villas at any wealth andtaste, mild climate Herzliya Pituach
make this city a favorite destination for global business - and the elite of Russian businessmen, who are more interested in real estate in Israel in which they are increasingly invested big money.
Immediately after the formation of Israel, Israel's coastal regions began to be used for tourism development. Herzliya Pituah the most famous center of international tourism and recreation in Israel.

In the industrial zone of Herzliya Pituach are all kinds of factories, whose products are exported all over the world. City officials Herzliya Pituach in recent years invested heavily in landscapingand infrastructure Herzliya Pituach and industrial zone of the city, it helps to make Herzliya Pituah very important industrial centers in Israel.

In Herzliya Pituach discovered the mosaic floor of the church of the sixth century.Not far from the city of Herzliya Pituah are erasing Mahmishi ruins of settlement, which existed from the Canaanite in the Hellenistic period.In the northern part of the city Herzliya Pituah are the ruins of the port and strengthen the historic town of the Crusaders Arsur, pkotory was built on the site of Apollonia and Reshef.
Over the past decade Herzliya Pituah was the 2nd main, the financial city in Israel, Herzliya Pituach are many high tech companies, which are conveniently located in Herzliya Pituach.

Herzliya Pituach you will find a wonderful clean beaches, tall skyscrapers, magnificent waterfront Herzliya Pituah with plenty of luxury hotels and restaurants, Herzliya Pituah is the most prestigious and elite residential area of Israel.Everyone who will visit Herzliya Pituah will find something fascinating and delightful in this city. Herzliya Pituah so-called same "rich sister in Tel Aviv"


Property Herzliya Pituach see here - Real Estate in Herzliya Pituach

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