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Rent apartments
Rent apartments

Property in Israel took first place in the rise in prices in the crisis years!

Property in Israel recognized - the fastest growing over the past two years in the world real estate market of Israel is considered one of the most "dynamic", constantly surprises prepodnosyaschy worldwide.

Reported by the fourteenth day of October The Associated Press. The Associated Press in this case refers to the journal «Global Property Guide», which is one of the most reputable real estate magazines.

Israel Real EstateIsrael Real EstateReal Estate in Israel

According to data published in the journal «Global Property Guide», the price of real estate of Israel in the second quarter of 2010 grew very significantly - by rising prices real estate, Israel took the sixth place among the thirty six states in which to evaluate and study.

Real Estate in IsraelReal Estate in Israel

If we take the example of the last two years (from July 2008 to July 2010 inclusive), the Associated Press, Israel's real estate market has taken a place in the world growth real estate prices. Experts say that the global crisis on the real estate market, which began in 2008, real estate, Israel has withstood another reason that real estate prices began to climb Israel a little later than in other Western countries.

Real Estate in IsraelReal Estate in Israel

Also, the Israeli banks do not offer mortgage loans without being sure that taking a mortgage will be able to repay the loan. That's a lot of unsecured mortgage loans and other debt in the U.S. experts explain the beginning of the current financial crisis on the real estate market in the world. You may notice that an Israeli citizen who wants to buy property Israel is obliged to have their own money, the amount of which in some cases reach up to 50% of the value of real estate in Israel.

Real Estate in IsraelReal Estate in IsraelReal Estate in Israel

In the United States issued mortgages to people who almost did not have their own means. In addition, the Israeli financial market is not so closely linked credit sphere, as in the U.S..

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