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Rent apartments

Our Services

Our services.

Our services are very often complex. A specific set of our services depends on the objectives of our clients: This is get a bank mortgage to buy property in Israel, to learn more about the nuances of real estate acquisition of Israel, find the right and best version of the real estate Israel, assist in business organization in Israel. As well as our common work with the client, begins by defining the goals of the client and the preliminary advice client on significant issues knitted with the acquisition of real estate in Israel and the nuances associated with the acquisition of real estate in Israel.

1. Finding trip to Israel with aim of acquaintance with the proposals of the Israeli real estate market.

purpose of the study tour in Israel - is to obtain the necessary information to make more objective and an informed decision when choosing and buying property in Israel.

For more information you liked the real estate in Israel, we urge you to come and assess the quality of maximal real estate development of Israel, the availability of infrastructure and quality of the adjacent beach is only possible with a personal inspection of each property of Israel on the spot. And only after personal inspection of real estate and everything else makes sense to discuss real estate prices in Israel liked you, the scheme of payment of real estate, estate plans, methods of payment etc.

That such a strategy was formed our practice working with clients of our company. Almost every potential buyer of real estate in Israel begins to search for real estate with the view of many bright and beautiful photos of Israel and attractive property descriptions of a property in Israel. Sends a dozen messages to Israeli real estate agencies, makes a comparative analysis of the housing market real estate of Israel, and often overwhelmed looking at the pictures, makes a decision about buying real estate. Arrives in Israel, usually for the first time here and the fun begins. And the beach is not that what the pictures - a steep cliff and the road is much closer to your property, and not the finish that they promised, and the view from the windows of a nearby house and not at sea, and the price is not such as was promised, and t . e.

Israel Home Our company works quite differently. Our cooperation with the client company begins with the arrival of the client in Israel, with more detailed discussion of the common goals of buying property in Israel, the discussion of the desired characteristics of the estate of Israel, if it is an investment in real estate then we - the planned level of profit that same property, the ability to use credit to purchase real estate in Israel, the methods and ability to pay real estate, etc. Then - seeing all the options for real estate Israel, matching our client and further consultations client on more educated choices and buying real estate in Israel.

featured on this website - www.israelhome.ru real estate in Israel - it's not all the objects that we can offer you in Israel. All versions of real estate in Israel, including exclusive offers Israel, we will show you during the tour of real estate in Israel!

IsraelHome customers always receive the most advantageous and better conditions of purchase of real estate in Israel: a minimally low real estate prices are very favorable mortgage interest rates under the minimum (1.5% - 2.5%), the optimal scheme of payment for real estate, beneficial bonuses such as partial or complete furniture real estate, etc.

purpose of our company Israel Home - not just sell you a property in Israel, but to help buy property MAXIMUM competently and without further ado.

2. The transaction was the purchase sell real estate in Israel.

Israel Home guarantees you the quality and the "purity" of transaction for buying real estate in Israel with us.

Our clients are provided with the most professional legal support at all stages of registration of real estate property in Israel: from the conclusion of the preliminary contract for purchase of real estate before the Notary Act.

3. After-sales service and property management in Israel.

support when you make all types of real estate insurance in Israel.

When buying real estate in Israel with a view to profit - as renting the property and resale.

Maintain accounting firm to conduct your real estate in Israel.

Registration bought your property in the Israeli tax authorities.

Payment of all taxes and utility payments.

Providing an experienced designer, and integrated work on the environment: furniture real estate, including all domestic and electronic appliances, cutlery, textiles, interior design elements, etc.

Help in purchasing and registering a car in Israel.

4. Organization, maintenance and management of investments in Israel. Company

Israel Home helps in organizing and managing real estate investments in Israel, tourist , industrial, and other sites in Israel. Our company develops individual programs for investment in Israeli real estate, we are all financial and legal advice with a view to selecting the most optimal option for your investment in Israeli real estate, as we provide support for the further sale of the investment project.

constantly growing demand for real estate in Israel's coastal zone of Israel, the speed of price increases in Israel real estate and, accordingly, the yield on invested capital in real estate Israel identified the leading trend for investment in Israel.

Israel Home Our company offers placement of your capital in real estate of Israel in the initial stages of construction, real estate, from the design stage of the project (the lower price when buying property and the maximum possible increase in prices).

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